System Requirement

To be able to carry out all its functions, Cluster Hotel requires minimum hardware and software as follows:


  • Intel Pentium II processor or higher
  • Memory 128 or higher
  • Monitor with minimum resolution of 1024x768. Suggested minimum 1280x800 or higher
  • Input devices
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse/Touchpad
  • Printer



  • Operating System Windows XP or higher or Linux
  • Apache 2 Web Server
  • MySQL Database Server
  • Module PHP 5


  • Operating System Windows XP or higher or Linux
  • Web browser or a web browser program. Suggested Mozilla Firefox 13 or higher
  • PDF Reader. Suggested integrated with the web browser in the form of add on

It is recommended that users access the program from a separate client computer to the server to perform the transaction. Client computer connected to a computer server over a LAN or the Internet. It aims to reduce the risk of data loss akubat virus and so on.

If users want to use a web hosting service for the server program, then users simply provide the client computer and internet connection. Users can access the program from anywhere.