Multiple Time Zone

Since guests and agents are not always in the same time zone with hotels, Cluster Hotel system uses multiple time zones. The hotel should set the time zone on the program in accordance with the local hotel time. For example, for western Indonesia (Java and Sumatra) using time zone Asia/Jakarta. With this setting, the program will synchronize the time of the program with Western Indonesia Time.

Cluster Hotel provides over 580 time zones from around the world. The time zone can be selected by the user at the time of filling out the hotel. Time zone can be changed after the hotel transaction. Transactions are performed after the change will be based on the latest time zone is stored in the system.

On the booking page, Cluster Hotel displays the time in the top right. When the hotel is updated every 15 seconds. If the connection with the server is lost, Cluster Hotel can not update the time.

All transactions carried out by the Central Reservation Office (CRO), agents, and guests will be based on the local time of the hotel or in other words the same as a hotel. Hotels must ensure that the time on the computer server has been set up correctly. If the program is installed on a personal computer or PC, make sure the BIOS battery to be replaced periodically. Make sure that your clock and time zone on the client computer that is used by the CRO with clock and time zone on the server computer.