Integrated Point of Sale

Cluster Hotel provides several Point of Sale (POS) system integrated with the hotel. Point of Sale include the following:

  • Housekeeping
    Housekeeping is POS related to cleanliness and room readiness. In addition, housekeeping can also serve the needs of guests in accordance with the procedures dientukan by hotel
  • Laundry
    Laundry is a POS that caters laundering clothing and equipment are
  • Restaurant
    Restaurant is a POS that caters to guests dining needs
  • Bar
    The bar is a POS that serve the entertainment needs of guests. Type of bar service at each hotel can be different from each other
  • Convension Hall
    Convension Hall meeting room is rented out by the hotel

Point of Sale in the above integrated with hotel services. At these outlets include bills for specific rooms, Cluster Hotel will automatically insert the bill into the invoice. If users delete or disable the bill of Point of Sale, Cluster Hotel will automatically delete or disable these bills on the list of hotel bill even though the data is stored in different tables.

Point of Sale

Integrated Point of Sale

With the integration of all the Point of Sale, guests can pay via a cashier (cashier) either in cash or credit. If guests have to pay these bills on the Point of Sale, then these bills will no longer appear on your hotel bill. Some Point of Sale that have not been defined can be put into service hotel. The bill could be included in the invoice.

A user can be given permissions on two or more Point of Sale. Different users at the same level can be given permissions on the Point of Sale different. Different users with different levels of access rights can be assigned to the Point of Sale similar but will have different access rights depending on the level of each.