About Cluster Hotel

Cluster Hotel is a web-based Hotel Management System created by Kamshory Developer. Cluster Hotel using PHP Hypertext Preprocessor as server-side script and JavaScript as client-side script, and MySQL database. Cluster Hotel very suitable for large-scale hotel, medium-scale, and small-scale hotel.

Cluster Hotel provides a variety of features tailored to the needs of the hotel. Multiple Hotel is a prime feature of Cluster Hotel. With this feature, Cluster Hotel can be used to manage several hotels in one server and one database. All data from each hotel will be separate from one another. Multiple Hotel to benefit the owners of the hotel include:

  1. Cost Efficiency
    Costs incurred for the purchase of software and the provision of resources becomes smaller. More and more hotels are managed in one program, the efficiency will be higher
  2. Ease of Data Management
    Centralized data storage on one will be easier to manage
  3. Uniformity Data Format
    Reports each hotel will have the same format as it uses the same programming

Cluster Hotel online-mode can be installed on a server that can be accessed by everyone. Cluster Hotel will increase sales and hotel revenues. Customers and agents can make booking online.

Cluster Hotel offline-mode can also be installed on a personal computer or PC. Central Reservation Office can access the program by using a Local Area Network or LAN. To access Cluster Hotel, simply by entering the IP address of server computers using a web browser.

If the hotel wants to be more efficient, Cluster Hotel also be installed on a single computer with the server localhost. Cluster Hotel installed on the computer used by the Central Reservation Office to make a reservation. In this way, the hotel simply provide a single personal computer or PC. The hotel does not need to provide internet connection or Local Area Network. This method is not recommended for data security is not guaranteed, especially for frequent computer to exchange data with other computers via flash disk and so on.